4 Ways You Can Empower Yourself


Every year I challenge myself to complete a few goals. It is usually something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, but never had the courage or discipline to take it on.

My most recent goal achieved was the Sprint Triathlon. Have you heard of the “Couch to 5km” plan? Well, my plan was a the “Couch to Triathlon” plan. No joke! The triathlon consisted of a 750m swim in open water, a 19km bike and a 5km run. All I have to say is — it’s done and I’m still alive! This challenge gave me something to work toward, a purpose, and it made me feel alive and empowered.

Empower is to make someone stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life. I believe we all deserve to feel empowered.

Here are the 4 things I do to empower myself:


Every morning I wake up at the same time, grab my coffee and spend 15–30 minutes relaxing on the couch. This is time dedicated to ME and I call it Nicole-Time. It’s my internal audit and I do this audit daily. I think about my life, my goals, my marriage, our marriage goals etc. I think about the bigger “life stuff” that usually gets pushed aside from every day routine tasks. I think about what is holding me back from certain things and how I can move past it and improve myself. This is often the same time I will pray and talk to God. Inadvertently, 9 times out of 10, this is where I will get my idea or goal in my mind.

Focus on The Things I Love

I’m a big believer in using my strengths and the gifts God has given me. Many people I speak with aren’t aware of their strengths. If this is you, try to think about what types of things make you happy.

Be aware the next time you’re doing something and get a fire burning in your heart. Also, take note the next time you find yourself working on something for hours and forgetting what time it is.

That’s your passion, that’s your strength, that is the gift God has given you. Don’t ignore it. Pursue it. When I do this, I immediately feel empowered.

Be Prepared

I’ve been in situations where I was not as prepared as I could be. We can all agree it is not a good feeling. Having all your ducks in a row or your tools in your toolkit, will increase your confidence. In the case of the triathlon, I had to create an action plan and organize my training time at the gym.

I had to be disciplined and be prepared for things that would sabotage my progress (and often I was the one doing the sabotaging!)

Being aware of what might interfere and having an alternative plan, kept my confidence in tack. Keep in mind there are some things you just can’t be prepared for, but most times you can always be prepared.

Embrace Knowledge

I immerse myself in learning everything I need to know about my interests or my goals. When I made the decision to do the triathlon, I read articles about beginner triathlons. I watched YouTube videos on tips especially swimming in the open water, and how to transition from each station. I had to learn the best workouts to improve certain muscles and endurance. I had to learn what to eat before and after workouts so I could replenish my muscles and rejuvenate my body properly.

Knowledge gave me the control and power I needed to help me be the best I could be.

I’ve made these 4 things habits in my life and it works for me. You could start by trying one idea and put it in action. See how it works for you, and how it makes you feel. I’m confident at least one of these habits will help guide you along your way to empowerment.

Would love to hear what works for you the best!

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