There’s a Hole in Our Hearts From When You Left Us


On December 29, 2015, a little boy left a hole in our hearts. Our nephew, Wyatt, who was also our Godson, passed away just three days shy of his 3rd birthday.

As you can see, he was a beautiful boy. He had long dark eyelashes, cheeks you could kiss for hours and he loved to cuddle. A boy who was stubborn, but who knew what he wanted, and he would sure let you know if he wasn’t happy about something!

Wyatt didn’t smile often, but when he did, his smile came from his soul. You see, Wyatt was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (HIE) shortly after birth. During his birth, there was a lack of oxygen to his brain caused by a placental hemorrhage. And due to this lack of oxygen, he endured seizures, was bound to a wheelchair, and had vision issues. Furthermore, he had impaired motor functions and required a feeding tube to receive nourishment. In his short life, he took the bull by the horns with everything that was thrown his way and adapted. He didn’t know a life other than his own and he had a life filled with understanding, compassion and love.

Even as a faith-filled believer, I have questions.

Why would God put this little boy on earth for such a short time?

Why make him non verbal and bound to a wheelchair? Never being able to taste his mom’s cooking, see a rainbow, and always in and out of hospitals?

Why would God make us fall in love with this little boy, only then to take him away?

Why would God put his parents through this loss? Losing their only child who they have tried for so long to conceive?

I don’t have any answers. But I have to believe that God put Wyatt on earth for a reason.

Maybe it was to help us learn about unconditional love?

Maybe it was for us to learn a new definition for “normal”?

Maybe it was to help create awareness for Cerebral Palsy?

Maybe it was to witness the amount of support and God’s love during his short life and after he passed.

Maybe it was for us to learn to lean on God while we go through this loss, and try and heal from this pain and this sadness.

In the Bible, we read that God is our Shepherd. Many would say He is leading us through green pastures. If so, then Wyatt has followed God’s lead and is in the next and final pasture.

I do believe his short life is part of our preparation for the Kingdom of God.

Thank you Wyatt for all you taught us and for helping prepare us. We will forever be grateful.

We will continue to pray that God’s love will one day fill the hole you left in our hearts when you passed.

Until we meet again in the Kingdom of God. xo

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