A Newsletter From a Father to his Son

My first son was born on July 24, 2015. I was born on August 5th 1982. My father was born on November 12th, 1939 (although the truth is 1938, but he doesn’t like when we say that). We each lived in a different world. When I talk to my father, he likes to tell me how it was back then, and I like to listen, finding it hard to grasp the change he had in his world (although it is easier when I look at the change in my world since the 80’s and 90’s. Some kids these days don’t know who Michael Jordan is!).

We are what we read, our world is reflected through the links we click, share and love (damn, I actually had to write ‘love’ so you won’t think I mean it in a facebook way, well done Mark).

When my son was born I decided I wanted him to experience how it was back then, to read some of the stuff I read and love, to listen to music I really liked and to watch video’s that made me feel something unique. Maybe he’ll like them, maybe he won’t, but at least he’ll know what I thought is worth sharing with my biggest love.

So I opened an email for him and started “Things Your Dad Likes”, a curated newsletter in which I share stuff I like (disclosure, the newsletter service I’m using is a side project of mine). While it took me 3 months to send my first edition, it was so much fun to know that in his new email there is a part of me and what I love, and he’ll see it in probably 20 years or so.

Love, Dad.

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