How gratitude transformed my life

Be grateful, Be satisfied

Beautiful Danube River in the Evening

While I was growing up, my mother taught me to remain happy and contented in my life. One evening, I was upset after loosing in an inter-state mathematics quiz competition.

“Despite my hard work, I can’t get my answers right. I should have never opted for Mathematics — I almost sobbed lowering my voice.”

“My mathematics teacher doesn’t like me either — I grumbled.”

“Mother, I am a terrible student. I do not want to go to school. My life is a waste.”

“Oh my dear — She exclaimed. Let me tell you something noteworthy today.”

“While you were busy cursing your life, someone out there took his last breath. When you complain about your poor meal, someone out there might be dying from hunger. While you lay your head in my lap, someone out there might be craving for mother’s warmth. Someone might be missing her champion dad but you are prosperous enough that your father drop you to the school every single day. Right now, someone out there is fighting an incurable disease. Do you realise how special every moment is ? Do you know how fortunate you are to be born with no deformities? God has given you everything you need, to lead a healthy life. Do not let these little competition frighten you. Remember that you are luckier than those thousands of other people, who are dying in dearth of food, in riots, in wars, in accidents, in natural calamities and in attacks. How can your life be a waste, my love?”

My mother’s words were so accurate that my wicked mind couldn’t argue with her any more. I took those words little too seriously. Since then, I have been practicing gratitude in every aspect of my life and I have got unbelievable results.

My parents were terrified when I decided to move to a new country. I wasn’t. It felt like an invisible power was driving me. I felt that things are going to be alright. I was uncertain but not afraid. I was thrilled about my upcoming experiences. It turned out that an adorable couple offered me to live with them as guest for as long as I wanted. They picked me up from the airport, welcomed me in the new city, showed some of the best places around, taught me how to sip wine, offered me candles on Diwali festival. They shared their life with me without any hesitation and we exchanged tremendous amount of insights on each others culture, food, people, politics and so on. For them India was me and I genuinely felt the responsibility of being an Indian citizen. They were my babysitter in the foreign country and it meant the world to me. I wouldn’t have been writing this post today and feeling positive without their support. I want to emphasise on the fact that, God has plans for you which he would reveal at the appropriate time. Be grateful towards him for every single day. Soon, I discovered a place for myself and shifted to my new home.

My new roommates are from different part of the world. Ivan is from Ukraine. We do not speak the same language but Ivan offers his hand when I fall on the ground. Tomas, my other roommate, is from east of Slovakia and he laughs at me when I try to speak his language. Me, Ivan and Tomas often go for hiking, in woods, to pick mushrooms. We go for long walk along the countryside to see lakes, forests and mountains. Tomas goes for fishing to recover from work and soon he is going to teach me how to catch fish. I am positive that we will become good friends.

The point is, world is full of good people. Humanity doesn’t know any boundary. Good hearts and beautiful minds do not see the barrier of country, religion or race. I felt lonely at the beginning but I was thankful for the wonderful opportunity. The valuable lesson taught by my mother kept me going. I was hopeful, I will make new friends who will add incredible values to my life. The best thing about travelling alone is that you can remain as foolish and vulnerable as you are. I had never used vacuum cleaner before, so I asked my roommate — “Could you please teach me how to use vacuum cleaner ?” He first smiled and then taught me to operate the vacuum cleaner. You may ask stupidest question. People accept you the way you are. No one would expect you to change.

They say, I get lucky all the time but the secret behind getting luckier every single day is that I have been exercising gratitude my entire life. I can not stress enough how it has improved my career, my relationships, my health and my social life. Science behind this principle is fairly simple and it’s called law of attraction. When I say, my life is a mess, my relationships are miserable, my job is unsatisfactory, I am drawing negative energy from the universe. The more I create bad energy, the more I attract them into my life and a vicious circle is formed. On the other hand, when I recite these lines every day —

Thank you God for keeping me and my loved ones safe.”

“Thank you God for making me capable enough, to take care of myself.”

“Thank you God for giving me meals, three times a day.”

“Thank you God for providing me roof over my head.”

“Thank you God for all the love and compassion of my family and friends.”

I am surrounding myself with good vibes all the time. By showing gratitude, I attract positive events in my life. Having an abundance attitude has shaped my life, helped me achieve unthinkable results and gave me strength to handle even the gravest circumstances of my life. There is a slight difference between having positive attitude and having abundant attitude. A positive person says — I am certain that, I am going to qualify in the exam. But, a grateful person shifts his focus to the present. Right now, at this moment, I am grateful that I reached home safely. I am grateful that I am able to spend quality time with family. I am thankful for every second, every minute, every hour, every day I get to live.

Gratitude is a way of living. Live it. Practice it. Imbibe it. Indulge yourself in it. You will soon be the happiest person alive.

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