You Want The Moon?

I long for a place where courting is alive,
and you weren’t expected to take your clothes off to have fun
where an emotional connection came before the physical attachment

where true love was between two people and not the world,

i long for a place of just you and i,

a sacred place that no one knows about, 
and I think I keep those the most hidden in the pages of my mind, 
written solely for us,

i long for a different time.
there are no ghosts here, 
people don’t get close to you just to disappear.

I watch movies filled with romance, respect -
there aren’t many people like that, and why would there be?

in college, I could never fit in.

In my early 20’s I can’t seem to find what others have found,

pleasure with just sleeping from one bed to another, 
but why would someone need to be romantic, date me and know my inner most thoughts before a night together?

When I see so many just give it away for nothing?

I can understand why you’d sleep with someone if you love them, but if you don’t know them? What’s the point? It just cheapens it.

Before they connect with my body, I want them to connect with my mind, to be attached to me emotionally before missing me physically.

I want a soul who wants all of me not just parts of me.

it’s a new generation, 
a new era, of numbness

and I couldn’t feel less like i belong. 
my soul yearns for another place, another time,

where love was real, and feeling was alive.

Do you long for another time? Love to hear from you my beautiful sunflowers ! 🌻🌻🌻

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