8 Productivity Apps to plan your Summer!

By Francesco D’Alessio

Yes, summer is almost upon us.

Whilst I want to recommend other apps, I thought it would be helpful to summarise some of the top productivity applications I recommend as you start organising your Summer activities.

Let’s jump in!

As I mention there are lots of great productivity apps, but for summer — you need them to be offline ready, interactive, and focused towards enjoying your time. So I’ve broken these down into two core areas.


  1. Todoist
  2. Proud
  3. Evernote
  4. Google Keep
  5. Annotable


6. GRID Diary

7. QuickFit

8. Sweatcoin

Let’s start with organise:


I continually talk about this, but Todoist is a great task manager — for those looking for a strong offline solution, with great functionality. If you’re on of those people who likes to invite friends/partners to plan the holiday — then this is perfect. Invite them to a project folder, and assign tasks.



Proud is something I think is perfect for anyone looking to organise themselves before and after the holiday. Using the timewarp features inside the app that push tasks away and schedule tasks for the future, you can clear your task management for some zen-out time very easily.



Evernote again, is a great way to organise. Specifically perfect for organising notes surrounding your holiday. Create a Notebook for your holiday, get hold of the Evernote Web Clipper and simply clip everything from flight confirmation to your iteratry or AirBnb location. Then using Evernote Premium, download them all offline for anywhere, any time.


Google Keep

I was impressed by Google Keep, and their strong sync abilities across web + mobile allowing you to make short notes efficiently. Google Keep will be your digital Post-it Notes on the go, and something I think would be perfect for you when you aren't a Mac + iPhone user to help keep in sync.


This has been trending on the App Store, a great app for marking PDFs, images and much more. Again, a great way for any traveller, or someone organising a holiday to mark out what’s important.

Grid Diary

A really fantastic tool for anyone looking to really journal on the go. I’ve had 85% of all journal apps, I struggled with a lot of them, but Grid Diary really opens everything up by making simple templates for you to use across your day. Perfect for sharing those holiday thoughts, ideas and passions.

Quick Fit

Feeling like you need a quick whip of holiday fitness or preparing for the holiday and want a short sharp way to boost your health. Use QuickFit, I love how simple it is, and how it allows you to track your workouts — which is a powerful feature for feedback and momentum.


The brainchild of a previous speaker at our entrepreneur society, and someone I keep in touch with, Oleg Fomenko. Sweatcoin is a way to start earning from your steppage, every day you can start clocking in steps, earn sweat coins and start spending them. It’s competitive fun and great for holiday walking! You could make lots of Sweat coins.

I really hope you enjoyed these suggestions, please do follow me on YouTube for more weekly content! :) I use some of these apps in tandem to organise a trip to Rome in the summer with Rebecca Kerle :)

I answer every email, tweet, youtube comment because I love hearing about how you use the tools, resources and apps across your day! So honestly, drop me a line :)

Francesco D’Alessio is a productivity app reviewer, fan and user! He creates videos on his YouTube channel, blogs, articles for Lifehack.org, Despreneur and much more to help educate the world about productivity tools and resources. He’s been featured on CNET, Microsoft, Todoist’s Blog and more for his work.

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