You’re allowed to be “not in the mood”

This is a friendly reminder for everyone who thinks they don’t need it.

I hate it when I find myself wanting to do something but don’t feel like doing it. I also hate it when I don’t act the usual or when I’m more quieter and people say things like, “is is that time of the month?” “you do know you gotta get your shit together, right?” “chill. Just get over it.”

I mean, can’t I have a bad day without having a particular reason why I’m calling it a bad day? Can’t I be not in the mood just because I’m not, period?

Today, I don’t ask these questions anymore. I find them pointless in more angles than one. I figured I will always have these characteristics, or that things will always happen and people won’t understand. And it’s not my job nor my responsibility to help them understand. (Unless you’re talking about kids. Because kids won’t stop until they get an explanation that is nowhere near “just because.”)

So what am I really trying to point out here? Well, that you’re allowed to be not in the mood. Yes, it sounds immature and irresponsible. But you really are.

This world always, ALWAYS tells us to get our shit together. It tells us that we have to function the exact same way we did yesterday, or the day before like we’re robots programmed to do the same thing over and over again.

Well that’s not going to happen, World. Not today. Not in a million years.

Because people feel differently. Sometimes, almost all the time, we’re in the mood. Other times we’re not. And you, telling us that we’re not allowed to be not in the mood is plain bullshit.

I got to the point where I got bored of explaining to people and to myself why I’m not in the mood or why I’m acting strange. One day, I just decided to say “well, I’m just not in the mood”. And then I decided to use it more often. Of course, only on days when I really need to. I don’t want to over-exercise the powers of it. But so far, I’m still whole and alive and doing real great.

It’s human nature to feel not in the mood to eat, or follow a daily routine, or beat the fucking deadline. It’s human nature to feel like all you want to do is lay in bed, or be all over the place, or to spend an entire day with your headphones on. Please, stop telling others to “get their shit together”or “get over it” or “stop acting like a child” or many other ridiculous stuff. Especially if you didn’t even ask in the first place what was going on.

I’m not saying you get to say “I’m just not in the mood, period” like 40 times a day, 7 days a week. Just like anything else in this world, it has limits. That phase (and its cousins) need to rest. But we also need to be reminded that being not in the mood is just as valid as any other feelings. It’s valid, you’re allowed to, and you do not have to explain why.